VASTU AND FENGSHUI GUIDELINES TO SET-UP A NEW OFFICE – Mostly, the business premises are set up in rented buildings, hence you may have least control over the size and shape of the premises, but if you find a premises of your choice, try one which is square or rectangular shapes. Avoid any multi corner, cut corner, multidimensional, uneven area.  If the premises is broad in front side and less in right & left sides, it is very auspicious & profit giving, however, the back side should also be the same as front side. In rare case if the front side (road side) is increasing by a couple of feet, it shall be more positive. Such shape is known as ‘SINGH-MUKHA’ and enhances the business prospects if positioned as per VASTU. In a different case when the shape becomes GAU-MUKHA i.e. premises with front less than the back one, is not appreciated, that too if the Vastu principles are ignored.

Customer’s Psychology:  Looking at the customers’ psychology too, if the front side is narrowed, the first impact is not very attractive, be the depth of any length. We may recall a structure that is too broad in front and less in sides, gives an impact of inviting more clients like welcoming them to receive & retaining them to have a look on other multiple items. In nutshell, for business premises, the broad front opening provides more space & enhances the Positivity.

Fengshui Cures: Fengshui provides a number of cures to treat the cut-corners, reduced front area or a critical obstruction on the entrance. One can treat the same by having an increased impact by using enhancers like convex mirrors, non-cut large mirrors, posters giving depths effects or highlighting the main entrance area with a proper combination of lights recommended in Fengshui, but avoid putting any such reflecting instrument just in front of your main gate that could return back the positive Ch’i. However Ba-gua mirror, if placed properly, is enough to repel back the negative vibrations, emerging due to poisonous arrows like an ugly looking huge tree, smoke-chimneys, high-rise buildings pointing to your premises.

Business premises in BASEMENTS:

The cellar (basements) can also contribute Positivity if the positioning and placement is confirming to VASTU principles. Though, basements are not much appreciated in VASTU, but due to the shortage of business areas and in order to make the best use of available space, we are left with no option than to add our space by having a basement. I have visited and experienced a number of businesses turned into flourishing in basements, especially in metropolitan cities, one can find a row of basements in which a number of offices are running as good profit centres.


The proper place for the chief of the business i.e. owner/ Director is making the best use of NAIRUTYA corner i.e. South-west direction, avoiding the papers and records in FIRE corner. The basic fundamental for Nairutya corner is to maintain it H+H (highest & heaviest), so the chief is recommended to be placed here who could be more heavier in this area. This is why this area is kept free from a tenant in houses, otherwise anyone who stays in this area may become more sovereign as compared to the owner thus becoming the owner of the total operations. The ideal position and placement for the owner is shown in the diagram given below.

Above we have discussed VASTU principles for business premises while deciding to set-up a new office & highlighted the main factors related to the Size, Shape, Owner’s Positioning & placement, Basements Scenario, place for electronic gadgets, books, files, computer, Pooja place in the office & different Fengshui cures. In the current issue, we shall take-up other concerned factors.

Facing to auspicious directions: Since North is the direction of lord KUBER, the wealth provider. Hence, it is recommended for the business owner to face North while sitting in the chamber, talking to the clients or negotiating business deals/ signing a contract/ deed. But there should be no poisonous arrows mentioned in the last issue, otherwise the impacts may be adverse. Try to do transactions too as per VASTU principles mentioned here. In a case where facing to North is not possible due to any negativity, one can face to East too, the holy direction for multiple comforts. If you find an ISHAAN corner (the direction of ISH, i.e. God) to face, nothing like it, but take care to decide the direction that locates between perfect North & perfect East and no pointed corner, beam, toilets and other negative factors as per VASTU are causing the discomfort.

Harness the directions of Quantity & Quality: North is considered for the money, quantity of products, idea generation, innovation & creativity. Therefore if all the main operators, staff grade employees also follow their respective operations to face as advised here-above, it shall turn the business to mobilise to growth, thus opening all the avenues to expansion and/ or divercification. Watch the performance on a regular basis, if you find that at any point of time the quantity is going on comfortable, but there are cases of complaints in quality of the products or services, than take-up the other holy direction i.e. East, if not for all, at least for the operations where the problems are emerging from. However using the pyramids, made of natural crystal are experienced to be quite helpful in such casaes when the quantum of rejections had increased upto substantial level. So one can place them pointing the right side of the pyramid/ set of nine crystal pyramids to pefect North-south.

Maintain Ishaan corner lightest & lowest: This is needed to maintain a proper balance between the N-E & S-W (Nairutya corner. Since the Ishaan corner is the area where the head of Vastu-purush rests, it should be kept lightest of all sides, directios and corners. Otherwise this may emit overall discomforts to business. On the other hand, South west direction is advised to keep heaviest and highest. This Nairutya corner is the place where the feet of Vastu purush rest. Therefore keeping this side heavier as compared to all other seven directions, is beneficial, representing the stability and longivity.

Given below is another diagram showing the appropriate positioning & placement of the business premises. More Info For “VASTU AND FENGSHUI GUIDELINES”

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