Balancing Business Harmony Thru Vastu – While observing and analyzing the various upward & downward trends in different social systems and procedures, any curious person may carry few queries in his mind.

  • How a ruler is able to maintain his supremacy in his empire for long?
  • How a successful industrialist keeps on expanding his business operations year by year without hurdles?
  • How a traditional rural family governed by a wise Mukhia is able to stay joint?


  • Why the glorious past of a Company turns to become a depressed present where the newly nominated heir finds stressed?
  • Why a joint family suddenly breaks down?
  • Why an unexpected promotion or demotion takes place in jobs’ scenario?

There could be few professional (business strategy related) policy compulsions behind the upward or downward business trends or some productive idea behind re-defining the family’s structure, but Vastushastra speaks of balancing the show from its angle.

How a Chief of the family (senior most) balances his family relations, largely depends upon the placements’ layout and positioning of each member residing in the same abode. In order to maintain harmony i.e. controls, sovereignty, peace and prosperity, a specific level and place has always been defined by the kings for their members of governing body, ministers, Gurus, public & other concerned people from times immemorable.

Balancing Business Harmony Thru Vastu

Lord Vishwakarma designed the structures so as to maintain long lasting harmony on the earth. In today’s environment when we find a chain of discomforts paving further to our way, definitely we tend to think that there could be something wrong with our house-structure, industrial building, newly purchased plot, the shop or any other business set-up we entered in recently.

Recently I visited the site of one of my clients who had been doing very well in the past and had a wonderful time, but as soon as he shifted his entire business & family to his newly built grand building (business cum residence), he started facing multiple financial & interpersonal problems.

Look at the building structure from Vastu angle and analyse the seating arrangement of all the employees from CMD to junior operators. There are few thumb rules to set it in order like defining the offices and chambers for each as per Vastu. Each direction & its sub direction can bless us with excellent opportunities and multiple comforts.

The Nairutya corner is the place of S + S, in which S stands for “STABILITY & SENIORITY”, hence the most appropriate direction for the Chief of the Organization. Therefore it is always recommended that the senior most authority, whether in an Organization or a family must occupy the South-west (Nairutya) corner. Sitting in this area he shall be able to easily operate the functions & his supremacy can never be at stake.

He shall feel comfortable to implement the Company’s policies and can easily dominate others, serving under him. But the moment internal positioning and facing of the Chief turns to be into the negative directions, i.e. facing to Nairutya, west or south, the entire positive energy of this strongest corner shall come to a ZERO.

Besides the above Vastu guideline, the most gainful facing for you is ISHAAN corner. The most appropriate combination & permutation of positive directions may do miracles if the entire hierarchy too follows the same line of action. The next-in-command must face either to Poorv-Ishaan or Utter-Ishaan corners.

Balancing Business Harmony Thru Vastu Tips

These are the sub-directions of East & North directions, the most beneficial & gainful positive directions defined in VASTUSHASTRA. After you set the guideline for whole of your senior managerial staff, it shall be wise to allot the perfect east direction to your entire manpower working in the lab. The seniormost person in Quality Assurance department can easily ensure to follow it, and you can feel the difference.

Try to maintain the face of all other workmen & junior staff to the positive direction, especially for the operators working on the production shop floor. Likewise, the height of your chairs back also defines the seniority. So it is also advisable to keep the chair with highest back with red-bordered cushion at your back if you are the senior most people running the show. Once you start utilising this methodology to harness the natural energies for your benefits, the win-win approach shall be your privilege. Balancing Business Harmony Thru Vastu

Though there are lot of Vastu factors which must be looked at very minutely but it is always better late than never. So start making corrections from today. It must also be seen that the Vastu cures vary from situation to situation depending upon all other factors as per Vastu and surroundings & internal environment of the Organizations. In fact, VASTU guides you to get the lifetime benefits by harnessing the abandoned energies, present in the universe. So it is always beneficial to use them for our multiple comforts!

Balancing Business Harmony Thru Vastu

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