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Vastu is very popular whole of the world now a days & therefore people in all the countries are looking for the best vastu expert in Delhi, India which is good. Here I give few Vastu tips which may be very useful if you are looking for the top most Vastu experts in Delhi, India then your search for the best Vastu consultant in Delhi, India is done. Though there are many Vastu believers living in Delhi, India and they always try to know about various essential Vastu factors, we are there to guide you.

  • Want to buy a property, do energize your Ishaan sub direction… It may become yours in 90 days.
  • Want to sell off your property, boost up the Vayavya sub direction.. it shall be sold in 60 days.
  • If your child shirks studies, shift his/ her table 3.5 feet in right side. He will start concentrating.
  • If you earn much but could not save money, use two mirrors on N & E walls of your cash box & black mirror on W wall. Then see the result.
  • Feeling health problem? Check there are metals, currency or religious books in your bed. If yes, remove them.

Yes, if you really need the best Vastu shastra consultant in Delhi, India then you may contact me. Certainly if you are calling me at your site, rest assured you have chosen the world’s highest qualified Vastu mentor & Vastu Guru in Delhi, India .

Vastu for house in Delhi, India .

If you are looking for Vastu for home in Delhi, India then we are perfect to get the Vastu consultancy services in your area. Dr Anand Bhardwaj use to guide on all directions like Vastu for south facing house, Vastu for south-east facing home, Vastu for south-west facing house which are the common requirements in Delhi, India and a lot of Vastu consultants have been trained by Dr Anand Bhardwaj who himself visit Delhi, India very frequently. So be confident if you are going to take the Vastu consultants services for house from him, you are getting the world class Vastu services… perhaps best in Delhi, India.

Vastu for Commercial Buildings in Delhi, India :

Commercial Vastu contains the prime concerns about the profitability & many businessmen in Delhi, India have already taken the Vastu advice for their offices. The Vastu consultancy services in Delhi, India also covers the Vastu for corporate offices & Vastu for Malls in Delhi, India that aims at getting the best Vastu consultants in Delhi, India . Therefore do not be late if you are Vastu believers & want to get expert Vastu advice for your showroom at Delhi, India then contact us. Dr Bhardwaj is the third generation in Vastu working as the senior Vastu consultant for the last more than 41 years. He visits very frequently to all the countries worldwide including Delhi, India .

Vastu for Industries & factories in Delhi, India :

This is very sensitive to construct an industry as per Vastu because vastu consultancy services for industries in Delhi, India are the positive requirement but finding the best industrial Vastu consultants in Delhi, India is difficult because a novice Vastu Shastra adviser may not be able to guide perfect Vastu for Industries in Delhi, India though he might be a good Vastu expert for residential Vastu & may have been providing his Vastu consultancy services in Delhi, India for long. So choose the specifically trained Vastu consultant who has a large experience & visited Delhi, India many times & who has equal vastu expertise on Commercial Vastu, Residential Vastu & Industrial Vastu that includes the Factory Vastu and may work with confidence in Delhi, India .

Fengshui Consultancy services also in Delhi, India :

If you are a Fengshui believer, then Dr Anand Bhardwaj is the best Feng Shui Consultant in Delhi, India . He is professionally qualified & trained Feng Shui expert in Delhi, India who deals in Flying Star Fengshui, Eight Mansions Fengshui, Bagua Fengshui & many more. He is recognized as the best Fengsui consultants in India and he earned his name & fame in Delhi, India also. He deals in modern methods of Feng Shui as the best Fengshui masters in India and abroad. In Chinese Fengshui he has good command and he advised on many artifacts being appreciated in Chinese Vastu called the Fengshui. So be confident to call him at Delhi, India as a Fengshui Experts and he will advise on the best fitted mode of international Fengshui. The Fengshui consultants in Chana may be good to do the Fengshui or Yin-Yang Fengshui but Bagua is also on of the most popular Fengshui school in Delhi, India .


Why to choose us in Delhi, India :

There is a reason of choosing us for vastu consultants services in Delhi, India because Dr Anand Bhardwaj is the seasoned Vastu consultant who earned his name & fame in Delhi, India by way of his dedicated services in Vastu shastra. Moreover, he has almost 42 years’ experience in Vastu advising services & he is the recipient of 132 rewards & awards from the celebrities, Ministers & other social organizations. Hence he is very popular in Delhi, India . He also got 42 medals & inaugurated hundreds of celebrations. He visited all over the world in many countries including Delhi, India . Dr Bhardwaj Anand is the Director of international Institute of Vaidic culture in New Delhi India & he has taught to many students through Vastu Courses in Delhi, India .

Vastu Shastra Courses in Delhi, India :

If anyone is interested in learning Vastu from us, he/ she is most welcome and can learn Vastu Shastra without moving from Delhi, India . We run Vastu courses & if interested in doing it pl write to us on iivc999@gmail.comand we shall reply the same day. The fees is very nominal & in Delhi, India a lot of students may be enrolled in one go. We have 370 seats for each course and all courses are done through emails or through correspondence. In Delhi, India the physical classes may also be arranged if we get a group of 20 students in Delhi, India . Online Vastu courses are available & one may come personally to learn Vastu from Dr Bhardwaj on one-to-one basis. So Vastu training in Delhi, India may be availed if there are clients reference in Delhi, India . Vastu education centers in Delhi, India may be arranged for short time and Vastu education may also be provided Delhi, India . Isn’t it very easy Certainly we are there to train you in Vedic Vastu or Vaidic Vastu in your city in Delhi, India .

Vastu Shastra Books in Delhi, India : (Vedic Vastu)

Are you a reading lover? If yes, there are several Vastu books available with us on Vastu & you may get these books in Delhi, India . The Vastu Book on particular topic is available among many Vastu Books available in Delhi, India . The Book On Vastu we have amongst the very special Books on Vastu & it can be taken in Delhi, India . Vastu Book Release Function was organised by us during 197, then in 1999 july, then 2004 in August month.. and since then every second year the unique book is launched. In Delhi, India Best Vastu Book is available on big book stores. The Best Book on Vastu can be found there in your city at the book stall. Vastu for southern Hemisphere is the Most Famous Vastu Book & counted as the Best Book On Vastu. One may be finding in Delhi, India the Vastu Book in English or Vastu Books in English then visit the website & one may get the English Book On Vastu very easily. Here are also English Books on Vastu for sale at Delhi, India & we have certain Vastu books in Hindi also. We invited almost 570 people in Vastu Book in English Release Function so that people may get the Best Vastu Book in English. One may be searching the Best Book on Vastu in English or Most Famous Vastu Book in English.

Vastu Shastra Books in Delhi, India : (Southern Hemisphere)

This is our specialty that Dr Anand Bhardwaj has written many books on Vastu for Southern Hemisphere in English. This is also available online as Vastu for Southern Hemisphere Shastra Book because a lot of people were looking in Delhi, India on Book on Vastu for Southern Hemisphere Shastra therefore Dr Bhardwaj wrote Books on Vastu for Southern Hemisphere Shastra and he is all set to launch the Vastu for Southern Hemisphere (Vastu Shastra) Book Release Function will be done next month. He is sure that this may prove to be one of the Best Vastu for Southern Hemisphere and will gain popularity in Delhi, India . In an interview with the news channel Dr Anand Bhardwaj revealed that it may be the best Book on Vastu for Southern Hemisphere. He told the news person that he is very confident that this unique book may prove to be the Most Famous Vastu for Southern Hemisphere Book. He does not claim that it may be the Best Book On Vastu for Southern Hemisphere Shastra but at Delhi, India this is hoped to be Vastu for Southern Hemisphere Shastra Book in English. He has written the book on Vastu for Southern Hemisphere in Hindi which is under printing. Dr Anand Bhardwaj’s all books are available on line and also one may find them in Delhi, India . In case of any query, please write to us.

How you can contact us in Delhi, India :

If you are interested in calling me on your site in Delhi, India  you may contact me on my email or trying to find me at Delhi, India just search my websites perhaps I am there in your city. In such cases it is very easy to call me immediately. You may also call me on +91-9811656700 or on the other number +91-9811656700. There is another method to contact me i.e. at Delhi, India  in this method you may open my any website and contact me on my address. One may fill up any form given on each website and I shall visit your site in Delhi, India . Though I have already many clients at Delhi, India and all are satisfied clients. This is the best identity on the basis of which I tell that I may be one of the Best Vastu Consultant in Delhi, India . So do not delay… call me.

Best Vastu Consultant in Delhi

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