Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is a Best Vastu consultant in Meghalaya. He provides vastu consultany services in Meghalaya and Shillong. He has 42+ years’ experience in vastu field and he is providing best quality vastu services in Meghalaya & Shillong.

Dr. Anand Bhardwaj has been providing services in Meghalaya for nearly thirty years. People of Meghalaya are very satisfied with their services. If you also want to solve a problem related to your life and business. So you can get the service of Vastu from them.

Meghalaya is a state in northeast India. In Sanskrit, its name is “Residence of the clouds”. By 2016, the Meghalaya population is estimated to be 3,211,474. There is a area of ​​about 22,430 square kilometers in Meghalaya, which has a length width of about 3: 1.

Maimingh and Silhet by the Bombay Divine divisions in the south, the Bangladeshi division of Rangpur in the west and bound by the Assam State of India in the north and east. The capital of Meghalaya is Shillong. During the British rule of India, British royal officials named it “Scotland of the East”. Meghalaya was previously part of Assam, but on January 21, 1972 the districts of Khasi, Garo and Jayanti hills became the new state of Meghalaya. English is the official language of Meghalaya. Other spoken languages ​​include Khasi, Gro, Pannar, Baet Haajong and Bengali. Contrary to many Indian states, Meghalaya has historically followed a matrilineal system where it is traced through genealogy and heritage women; The youngest daughter gets all the property and she takes care of her parents too.

best vastu consultant in meghalaya

He provides Vastu consultancy services in Meghalaya and Shillong as mentioned here below:

Vastu for Home
Vastu for Industrial
Vastu for Office
Vastu for Plot
Vastu for Flat
Vastu for Business Improvement
Vastu for Residential
Vastu for Commercial
Vastu for Schools
Vastu for shops
Vastu for hospitals

Best Vastu consultant in Meghalaya | Vastu Expert in Shillong

Dr. Anand Bhardwaj Provide Best Vastu Courses in Meghalaya.  He is founder of  The institute “INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF VAIDIC CULTURE” (IIVC) Regd

– ‘ON-LINE’ (Through emails/ internet)
– ‘Correspondence’ (Through Dak-Post / Courier)


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Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is one of the eminent vaastu consultant form India. He provides consultation on Vastu Tip, Vastu Direction, Vastu Facing, Vastu Shastra Consultant, Vastu Shastra Consultancy, Vastu Consultancy Services, Fengshui, Pyramidology, Numerology, Energy Scanning, etc. Read More

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Best Vastu consultant in Meghalaya | Vastu Expert in Shillong

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