“Karat Karat abhyas ke, jarmati hot sujan.

                  Rasri Aawat jawat te, sil pe parat nisan”

Charge Your Study Table With Positivity By Dr. Anand Bhardwaj – Start trying to concentrate on your aim by exercising control over the frequent flights of your brain to undesirable dreams. According to Vastu Shastra, each area & placement of family members dwelling in the house, is specifically defined like Pooja to be performed in North-East side i.e. Ishaan corner, study facing North, putting head in South direction while sleeping and so on.

In your study area, fix-up a certain place where your table has to be placed & avoid frequent changes in it because the study area is charged by forming an atmosphere of repeated sittings for gaining education. Repeatedly learning the questions, solving the similar sums & too much repeated contemplation for striving to stand topper in the class is exactly what is done in “SIDDHI” or “TAPASAYA”. After having been charged like a Siddhi place, this area becomes student friendly & hence it starts co-operating you to concentrate. Therefore it is recommended to avoid making frequent changes in the place, position & direction of your study table.

Don’t mix-up areas:- In my experience, I have noticed that more than 90% students mix-up the different areas meant for different purposes. For example, most of the students study on the dining table. This is the same area where all the family members take their meals. Different types of foods (veg & non-veg) are placed on the same top & if the holy books are also placed there, it shall not be defined as the place of  ‘Saraswati’ the goddess of knowledge and wisdom. It can not take place of  auspicious temple of knowledge likewise. Similarly, some times the meals are taken on the study table itself. Here the main excuse is to avoid time wastage. Again it is mixing the dining & study area with each other. It helps Charge Your Study Table With Positivity.

At many places I have seen that the children are very pampered & they have explored multiple methods to use the double bed i.e. for studying, for eating, for watching T.V., for playing on and of course for sleeping. If parents are not noticing it the way they must, it shall become the nature of the child.

Remove mental scrap:- Burn-out one negative thought every day by putting one of your evil on a paper each evening and burn the same paper immediately after getting up in the next morning with a concentration that by doing so, you are removing one bad thing from your dictionary and similarly add one positive thing immediately after burning the evil. Now

try to practice what you have committed in this whole activity to ensure that you have really changed to yourself.  Regular practicing the same shall purify your soul & you shall feel light & delighted over a period of time. Overhaul your mind by throwing away the junks i.e. bad thoughts, enmity and other negative thoughts. if you

Remember, Siddhi is nothing but a determined effort to concentrate !


Charge Your Study Table With Positivity By Dr. Anand Bhardwaj

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