Check Vastu prospects before buying a property – Apprehensions about the unseen consequences emerging as the after effects, is natural for a human being who is going to put his lifetime savings in buying a property either for himself or to keep the capital intact for future or for the next generation. Deciding the above is not a child’s play since the amount being engaged in property may either be proved a noble lifetime investment or a chronic unending expenditure that may end up with woes. Precaution is always better than cure. Besides looking at other factors, Vastu aspects are advised to be given prior and utmost attention because a decision to purchase a property is not only going to put its positive and negative effects on us, but the same shall be passed on to our next generations.

Take precautionary steps before signing a property deed, especially before handing-over the advance money (Byana) to the owner. There are several statutory aspects (relating ownership, partnership, loans, Corporations & other Govt. dues, mortgage, pending court case etc.) that shall help you to be clear on the legal front, thus saving you from any critical legal complications. On the other hand, don’t make haste to finalize the plot, house, business premises or other similar property because ANTI-Vastu location / position may be the cause of low price which may reflect in terms of unrecoverable life time losses.

It is of great importance for you to visit the site-in-question personally to see the surroundings and have a detailed critical look at the same from Vastu angle. There can be lot of factors behind ongoing repeated re-selling of the same plot or property. Sometimes there are few poisonous arrows pointing towards the main entrance or at the head of a plot, that had never been given attention by the previous owner and he must have a lot of tensions and physical troubles due to them like it can be an inauspicious T-JUNCTION, a sever man-hole at the entrance, an ugly looking tree peeping inside the abode, a smoking chimney visible from inside the house, an obstacle in the way to enter the building, debris, remains of old structures, Pipal/ Banian/ Pakhar or similar trees on your boundary wall in the inauspicious direction, the temple or a public Pooja place, UG water source in Agneya or Nairutya direction, a burial place/ cremation area near the property.

Check Vastu prospects before buying a property

Besides, check if the main entrance is located in the auspicious directions or at the auspicious corner of other directions. The auspicious entrances priority wise arranged as ISHAAN, VAYAVYA & AGNEYA (East-north / North-east, West-north & South-east respectively). You shall be fortunate enough to have the main gate at Ishaan corner with no other negative factors cited hereabove. Secondly, the best area for having the Kitchen lies at Agneya corner, master bed room in Nairutya, Pooja place in Ishaan & drawing room at the Air corner with vacant and lightest Bramha-sthana (the naval point) i.e. minimum 8.5 % area in exact centre of the plot.

Here, I would like to make you clear that while encircling the Bramha Sthana, we must consider the total plot area, not the built-up area because B.S. can not be changed every next year due to extension in the building. Therefore it shall always remain the same point. In case if you find any of the above mentioned negative factor in a property (plot, house, business premises, show-room, factory, hotel etc.), think twice before finalising the deed. so you have to Check Vastu prospects before buying a property.

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Check Vastu prospects before buying a property

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