Famous Vastu Consultant for Home – Dr. Anand Bhardwaj provides vastu services related homes, apartment, flats and penthouse. They have been practicing Vastu for almost 40 years. They have written a lot of books on the architecture of the house. On their days, their articles and magazines continue to be published. Along with these, they will be able to make Vastu information available to people through many news channels and TV programs. He is also a good teacher of Vastu. The people of the country and abroad are coming to teach Vastu through online.


Recently, I went to the residential premises of one of my clients in Lajpat Nagar, Delhi. Who were telling their glorious past very enthusiastically But on the subject of both of their adult and married sons they seemed absolutely disappointing. Because he has devoted more than fourteen hours to his father’s business established, he has not yet.

After a detailed survey of the entire premises, I found that though whole of the family is greatly religious minded & God fearing. But the way they ignored the directions and their peripherals very closely concerned with lord Kuber & Goddess Laxmi, was absolutely against the  principles of Vastu. It is a bitter truth that we cannot think of being blessed with the positive energy to which we give the last & least value.

The definition of a comfortable life seems to be incomplete if one is bound to pass a substantially large part of life without getting any reward out of his perseverance. If every one remains deprived of the reward for his/ her hard work, there can be a question mark on the grace and highly placed value of toil. which shall be the worst possible episode to human being & its society. Therefore each and every person shedding his sweat day or night must get reward for his hard work.

Few remedies by famous Vastu Consultant for Home:

We know that lord KUBER is the key deity that regulates our finance. Therefore, its right placement and positioning plays a crucial role in controlling, enhancing and shining the monetary prospects of all the family members living in the same premises.

A minor change in the position, direction and facing shall show its impact within no time. Though, each and every factor plays an important role in everybody’s life, even than “MONEY” is such a factor that can cause multiple unease in the life, hence it can not be given the second priorities.

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