Significance of Sounds in Vastu – Best Vastu Advice – It is the high time to redefine the Vastu cures by exploring various tools to ward off the negative vibrations being defined in Vastu science. Sounds have their own significance in our life. A pleasing sound creates a positive aura in the surroundings whereas a harsh sound may upset one’s mood in a fraction of second. Amazingly, the sound may leave a long term effect on human being, when it has a deep-seated impact on mind. Consciously or unconsciously the human being reacts to each sound. It is the first cry of the newly born child that notifies his presence in the world. Then it is the same child’s cry that is used by him to show and prove his presence in the house and the other type of sound is used by him when he is hungry. The differentiation is difficult by a common man but the mother does it very easily and comfortably. The morning notifies its presence with religious sounds coming from a temple, mosque, gurudwara and other prayer areas. The sound of bells, the chirping sound, the morning industry siren, the school bell etc. all carry their own worth in our day to day life. The sound has its own frequency; hence it can be super minute to super strong. Sounds can be defined and classified with the help of the theory of wavelength. One may wonder that a sound beyond…. can not be heard by us whereas the same sound is used by the bats in the dark nights to monitor and trace the path and make it easy to move on the right direction without being confused due to the darkness. – vastu consultant

Vastu is a science of directions; that is true but as per this age old Vedic belief it is the sound that has a great importance in deriving different types of vibration forces that have been defined in Vastu Shastra. Therefore we can make the best use of different sounds as a unique tool to remedify certain Vastu flaws. For example:

Chiming the surroundings: Use a sound instrument like wind chime to rejuvenate the life energy in a lonely house. It should be made of metal & generate a pleasing transparent sound. This is advised to use in the central portion or the lobby in the house and let few windows open from where the free flow of wind can be ensured. Chinese art of positioning and placement is known as Feng-shui that advocates the strong positive vibrations generating due to the pleasing sound of the wind chime in the premises many times a day. –  Bes

Transforming the space with Shanka Dhwani – The Conch Shell’s sound: As the conch shell is a powerful religious symbol and used in many divine rituals in Hindu religion, its sound can prove to be of great significance if properly used in the house in morning and/or evening devotions. It is believed that its sound wards off all evil forces and creates a soothing atmosphere in the abode.

Wall clocks with hourly sounds: To establish the life energy in a Barron house or a home with very less number of occupants, this is a very popular & purposeful tool used in almost all parts of the world. The philosophy of sound supports this phenomena as a musical instrument that has a power to break the silence of the house and monotony of the space.

Chanting of Mantras: The right pronunciation of Mantras, their chanting and a reasonable pitch of voice may create a wonderful resonance in the echo that can be defined as the environmental filter. This activity requires the sincerity for proper transformation of vibrations from negative to positive. In many religions worldwide, it is a common part of everyday life to chant the Mantras as per the individual ritual & belief. Now a days, the electronic instruments with fed-in spcific Mantras are available in the market also. They can also be used each morning in the house’ lobby. It may uplift the vibrations and fill the entire house with positivity.

Chirping sound that comes from the garden: If one has a reasonably enough greenery around the house, that may do wonders in the atmosphere. Just try to get up early in the morning and open those windows meant for the daylight. It may be the luckiest day of our life when we come across a totally different experience of positive energy of the dawn. Yes, the birds are in variety in the garden, in the lawn, in the trees, in flowery beds and chirping. Try to understand their language. May be they are sending some positive message of pleasure, unity, homeliness and excitement to share their feelings.

Listening old music or their tunes: Relaxation comes its own when some one sinks deep in the world of music by way of listening the music, sound and Bhajans of his choice. Likewise singing with these also acts to stimulate the body, mind and soul. Similarly, old songs and other music slowly played in lonely nights instills in the soul and shifts the sub consciousness in different mood arena and acts as a good change agent, especially at the time of tension or depression.

Playing musical instruments or listening to them: Sometimes our body may be encircled with invisible negative aura that may trouble us. Sometimes one may know the cause or sometimes the cause may be somewhere in the sub conscious mind. In that state of mind one may feel lost, lethargic or dull. It is also a powerful tool to balance energy and a good therapy for correcting some mental, physical and psychological imbalances.

The sound of flute, ringing bells, Shehnai or other instruments may be helpful, if tried religiously. The strength of SARGAM (Sa-Re-Ga-Ma-Pa-Dha-Ni-Sa) plays an important role in the process of mental growth, healing, re-generation and relaxation for the mankind manifold. The Indian classical music has been used by a group of society to calm down work stress and occupational fatigue.

Be conscious about negative sounds:

There are few negative sounds also as per the philosophy of Vastu. They may create a negative aura, thus cause negativity being defined as a Vastu flaw. They should be avoided or ignored, especially in distress. For example creaking sounds of doors & windows hinges, TV or radio playing on extraordinary volume in the early morning hours, sad scenes & its voices coming out of television set or radio programmes, sounds of lamenting people, fighting animals & high pitch sound of crackers etc.

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Significance of Sounds in Vastu – Best Vastu Advice

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