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Vastu Consultant for House Tips & Remedies


Observe the ceilings: Vastu-wise pleasant ceilings reflect in comfortable and sound sleep. Here pleasant ceiling means that there should be no hanging beams crossing the bed, designer false ceiling designs waving over the bed, creaking ceiling fans, abstract designs in ceilings, rusty chandeliers, spider nets, abrupt, scaled or peeled up layers of old paint, faded colours, damaged cornices etc.

If one finds any one of above negativities, it should be set right as soon as possible, lest the sleep may be disrupted or disturbed. Such negative objects may cause fatigue or sluggishness, depression and slows down the pace of life. House vastu services, House vastu remedies, vastu consultant for House in delhi, vastu consultant for House in Gurgaon, vastu consultant for House in Noida, vastu consultant for House in Faridabad- Vastu Consultant for House


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