Vastu Consultant in Noida, Vastu Shastra & Stair Case – It’s too easy for a Vastu consultant to reject your stairs on account of its location, rotation, number of steps or design without explaining the negativity caused due to its existing way. Always there prevail a lot of confusions about making VASTU friendly stairs in a building. Often I receive a number of queries about this single but very crucial factor that can easily put you to think over various negative impacts.

Though expert professional Vastu, Fengshui & Pyramid ology consultants look at a number of Vastu-friendly & Anti-Vastu facets present in a building structure & placement of the inmates according to their necessities, comfort & life style but ignoring the minute analysis of staircase/ s alone may render the entire study incomplete. There are many micro criteria to study stairs, but the following factors are covered in MACRO factors to be looked upon.

  1. Direction-wise Location of Stairs in the building
  2. Opening direction (facing)
  3. Rotation & Height
  4. Number of Steps
  5. Height of risers & width of Treadles
  6. Presence of any Pooja, Kitchen, Toilets, Study or Money-box below stairs
  7. What is the use of space available below stairs?
vastu consultants in noida
vastu consultants in noida


  1. The Direction : Try to avoid building your staircase in Ishaan direction, then comes East & North because presence of stairs in these direction may sweep the bigger part of supportive positive energy, leaving us hand-to-mouth. Think if blessings from lord Kuber, Indra, & Sun are shown the by-pass to travel, we cannot be at ease. However, stairs located in exact North-east, facing to east may drain our monetary comfort especially if our Budh & Vrihaspati Grahas are not supportive.
  2. Opening direction (facing) : If your stairs face to your main gate, main door or similar main entry,  entire favorable cosmic energy, providing good health & harmony gets swept too fast and you are least benefited from the same Positivity. This situation may put adverse effect on formation, growth & togetherness of family. In Fengshui also, presence of stairs in front of entry is a YIN situation that shows way to YANG (positive) energy, hence always advised to put a blockage or barrier in the direct entry to stairs. Similarly, if your stairs directly face to the Pooja place, again it is a negative situation & you cannot concentrate on Pooja in such cases. Male family members may become Nastik (non-Godfearing) in such cases.
  3. Rotation & Height : Try to maintain the rotation of staircase CLOCKWISE, however anti-clock-wise rotation gives artificial negative feelings to the family member staying upstairs. I have experienced that one who lives in upstairs room/s in a house with anti-clock stairs, frequently keeps on complaining others that he is always given step behavior by rest of the family members residing on ground floors whereas he is the most laborious person devoting maximum time for the comforts of all. Not only this, he usually feels too much depressed and over a period of time he becomes over emotional and may start shedding tears on minor matters. Boosting Business Prospects Thru Vastu

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Vastu Consultant in Noida, Vastu Shastra & Stair Case

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