Vastu for Home,Vastu Shastra for Home, Vastu Tips for House – Today, we want to tell you about the subject of Vastu. Everybody lives at home and this is an important indicator of our mental location growth and our identity. We all do our homes according to decoration and maintenance. Vastu means residence, which is a house for both God and humans.

Vastu Shastra depends on various energy such as the sun, the cosmic energy, the moon energy, the heat energy, the magnetic energy and the light energy. According to Vastu, this energy can be adjusted to peace, prosperity and achievements. Which makes us well?

If the objects kept in the house are against the Vastu principals, then it is certain that this does not leave happiness and prosperity in the house.

The basic principle of Vastu is to balance the environment where we can get peace of mind and also get the opportunity to increase health, wealth, good fortune and prosperity.

Vastu for Home / House – Tips

For home architecture, you can follow the points given below.

Vastu  to increase domestic prosperity

According to Vastu, north or east direction is considered good for entrance. In this direction should be well maintained bright light. If the door is made of solid wood, it is good. Footwear should not be kept in the entrance to the house.

Vastu for Home Bedroom

Vastu for Home Bedroom

Health is the only money! Without good sleep, you cannot stay healthy According to the rules of the Vastu; the bedroom should get natural light during the day. Keep the windows open every day so that good air can come into your home. The room should be open and airy.

Vastu for Home kitchen

Vastu for Home kitchen
Home Kitchen

It would be good if the kitchen house was built in the southeast corner. If not, then the northwest corner of the house is also a good option. The south-east corner is considered the best because the element of fire is governed by mana. Therefore, this is the best option for making kitchens.

Vastu for Bathroom

Vastu for Bathroom
Home Bathroom

A window should be placed on the east, west or north wall of the toilet. Commodity of water in the toilet should be placed in the north-south axis. Toilets can also be made on the south side too.

Vastu for Dining Room

Vastu for Dining Room
                                                                    Dining Room

The dining area is considered the best in the west. The dining room should always be bigger and comfortable. Use the north-east of the food field to keep drinking water

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vastu for home
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Vastu for Home, Vastu Shastra for Home, Vastu Tips for House

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