Vastu Friendly Furniture: One can use the size of the furniture in the interior as per his financial status and requirements. But as per Vastu principles, always keep the light furniture in whole northern and/ or eastern part of any room like bedroom, drawing or a family lounge and heavy furniture in western and southern area.

Vastu Friendly Furniture Tips and Remedies

Vastu does not appreciate the wrought iron furniture, especially beds because metal is a good conductor of energies, that may drain the human body energy if used as bed, hence avoid it. Secondly, the tables should either be square or rectangular in shape with rounded corners. The pointed corners are known to be ‘Shar-chi’ as per interior Vastu. Vastu Friendly Furniture by vastu expert.

Walnut furniture can also be used in the room be it a bedroom or drawing or a lobby. It is equally positive for offices too. Always try to set the interior of the drawing room in such a way that we should face east or north while attending the guest. If followed these guidelines, one shall always be in a better position to influence the others. This may prove to be a golden idea for the businessmen attending their clients or customers in the office as well as at their residence too. Vastu Friendly Furniture advice by vastu consultant, vastu consultant in delhi, vastu consultant delhi, vastu services in delhi, vastu expert delhi

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