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Vastu For Navratras – How to do Navratras Pooja or how to celebrate Navratras etc are the topic related to spirituality BUT Navratras are very auspicious period as per Hindu Mythology & Vastu for navratra is also similarly auspicious because this is the period of Best Muhurats or the Best Muhoorts as per Vastu in these days one can do Griha Pravesh. The best mahurat for grah pravesh is also askerd by many people before Navratras. Vastu For Navratras

Thus one can do the Bhoomi Poojan also. The Dwar Arohan or erection of Main door in the under construction house can be done during Navratras as per Vastu. The Stambharohan ceremony i.e. erection of first pillar or erection of first column can also be done in Navratras. Thus Navratras Vastu is also as good as the special Muhoorts. The special Muhoorts are also got during these days. The Navratras come after the Shradhs & during Shrads no auspicious activity is done. Vastu For Navratras

Nav Ratra means nine nights but these are nine days of auspicious nature associated with the Goddesses. Daily Poojan of Goddess gives prosperity so the all days of Navratras are good & positive for new house entering, House warming ceremony, Consecration of new house. Vastu for Pooja place shifting in Navratras is good. Vastu for making new Pooja place or Vastu for Mandir etc are good to be in Nav Ratras. Navratras & Vastu are interconnected. So Vastu pooja in Navratras is very auspicious. Vastu for Navratras is also important because in Navratras the Gods are appeased. The duration of these nine days is very charming & gives a feeling of positive energies. Auspicious time as per Shastra is very crucial in Indian Mythology & Hindu culture. Vastu Shastra guidelines for Navratras is defined in this youtube Video on Navratras. This is Hindi Video on YouTube & Hindi Vastu Videos are there to be seen to know all the Vastu factors for all. Dear Viewers, Thanks … for watching the most viewed Video on YouTube.

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