VASTU  REMEDIES: The geographical reasons can widely be looked at in typical geographical zones in terms of land’s slope, hills & mountainous compulsions which bound to make the houses keeping low area in front thus maintaining the entrance (facing) in directions opposite to these hills. The hills in J&K, Northern Pakistan & Afghanistan are also placed the same way. With more awareness the people have started scientifically realising the positive reasons to face to East or North & negative impacts of  Nairutya directions and they are able to find the best ways to construct the building in these directions also in such a way so that they can have enough positive Chi in all and given circumstances. Vaastushastra has always been giving the best possible combinations & permutations to make the abode inmates-friendly. If you have opening in South, avoid having the main gate in South-west or West-south direction. Having opening in South east in exactly mid of right angle, i.e. 90 degree shall be benefited with the comparatively better direction of South-east. Avoid opening the main gate in exact centre of the front too. This Vaastu guideline helps to divert the negative energies and you can have better Vaastu benefits.

Using eastern door in South-east facing buildings: The South, West, South-west or West-south facing plots can also bless us by in-flowing the positive energies, by reducing the negative impacts & by placing the inmates, positioning the Pancha-tatva (fire, water, air, space & earth) & properly locating other household goods (beds, dining, Pooja place, study area, storage area, mirrors, scenery, colours, posters, cupboards, lights etc.) mentioned earlier. Most of the negativity in such plots can be barred by making the main gate, main building entrance and other doors inside the building as per Vaastu like inside opening, welcoming sun & Kuber (E&N) direction, thus turning the whole layout into auspicious one.  This is practically possible in South or west facing plots also. What about the already built-up houses / factories & offices? Of course they can also follow the above principles to make the place more energising & praying for the overall prosperity as well as well-beings of inmates & their respective businesses growth.

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