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Vastu Shastra – KARMA, The Essential Component – Often we come across such people who are misconceived about the real & positive contribution of Vastu-Shastra in human life. Well never approaches to the thirsty one. KARMA is as important for every one as thinking of leading a good life. Of course the stars also play equally vital role in our life. So is the concept of Vastu Shastra. These are the wheels on which the harmony, peace, prosperity, growth, togetherness & happiness travel. Only single wheel can never lead us to the desired goals. If we can recall, we have seen artists traveling on a single wheel in circus shows. But they keep on fumbling forward & backward thus forming a sort of dancing cycle. Do we intend to become that short time dancer? Definitely not. Then relying and maintaining confidence on all the three wheels is necessary for gradual & continuous peddling. 

Vastu plays a vital role as one of the other deciding factors in every body’s life in terms of all round benefits by deciding shape and pace of life’s motion.

Contribution of positive & creative KARMA can magnify our prospects. One has to make the concrete efforts for his betterment. Better performers always keep on contemplating the different & better ways to be different from a common man. We must adopt the same thinking process. A businessman can advertise his products in a different way by highlighting products’ strengths & other uncommon features. He can also adopt innovative advertising techniques. Job seekers can gear up searching for the job through news papers’ advertisements, through Placement Consultants & above all through internet which has become the strongest media for searching an appropriately matching a job profile. Of course the astrological factors cannot be ignored. One must cultivate his ability & available resources to accelerate all the above mentioned three aspects.

Vastu Shastra
Vastu Shastra – KARMA, The Essential Component

While studying, keep your face towards north or alternatively in East. Preparing for a competition should always be facing north. ISHAAN direction provides good environment for concentration. Avoid facing YAMA, FIRE or AIR direction while studying. Frequently changing of study table, study area, face direction, books positioning, study groups etc. may hinder the smooth study.

Time table is advised at left & computer at right side. Remove the obstacle in front of study table. Face North direction while writing an application for the job or while making any business transactions. These are the fundamentals of VASTU which can do miracles if added to KARMA, the really creative physical action. – Vastu Shastra, vastu, karma, KARMA The Essential Component by Dr. Anand Bhardwaj ( Vastu Consultant )

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Vastu Shastra – KARMA, The Essential Component

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