All Vastu scientists with a professional back ground and great experience strongly advocate the theory and significance of a healthy environment. The environment is usually referred as the atmosphere, climate, weather, ecology, social temperaments and vibration-forces etc. but it is Vastu that emphasizes on the fact that ‘One can live healthy only in a healthy house.’ – Best Vastu Expert

How one can imagine healthy body in a ‘Sick’ house? One can’t & he should not…. because if a healthy mind lives in a healthy body, it means a healthy body can & shall live only in a healthy house. If the house is crying with pain, certainly the same agony shall automatically and unknowingly creep into the body of inmates and shall make them sick. Now we can realize the importance of a ‘Healthy House’. Certainly the house means bedrooms, kitchen, toilets, bath & wash rooms, stairs, and lobby & of course the area specifically dedicate to SPA. – Top Vastu Expert

In my words, the SPA can be termed as an automobile engineering garage where the cars & other vehicles are repaired for excellent performance & trouble free services to the car owner for the next morning tour. Hence, this workshop has to be made healthy because here we, the human beings are serviced that too holistically. Vastu is not a miraculous art to glorify us with lots of money, political leadership, love affairs, highest education etc. without any toil or endeavour rather Vastu is a science that may help us creating conducive environment by which one may feel:

• Physically relaxed,
• Mentally peaceful,
• Emotionally balanced
• Healthy & Energetic,

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