VASTU TIPS: Find Here The Crystal Ball In The House These Benefits

Crystal balls in Vaastu are considered to be negativity tools. It is said that it takes happiness in the home of the house by taking it in the living room. But let us tell you that there are two types of crystal ball – one original and second synthetic (factory med). Synthetic balls are also known as Rainbow Crystals. Today we are telling you about crystal balls:

Where to Find Crystal Boss

If Vastu Shastra believes it should be put in the east of the house. It is said that there is less negative energy in the house and happiness comes home. If you are putting it in the living room of the house, then put it in the southwest corner. Parents who want to focus their children on the studies should hang their crystal ball in their study room. These crystal ball hangs in the northwest direction of the house.

Those who want to strengthen your financial condition should hang the crystal ball in the middle of the living room of your home.


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Vastu Tips for Crystal Ball Benefits

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